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Trager Approach by Adrienne Stone 1997” 


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Roger Hughes demonstrates the look, intention and peaceful atmosphere of a Trager session. 3:21 minutes.


What is a Trager session? Julie Kingston from the United Kingdom walks you through one possibility of a session. 7:29 minutes



Roger Tolle's Moving Into Agelessness video series


Part One 4:28 minutes


Part Two 5:18 minutes


Part Three 5:10 minutes


Part Four 3:02 minutes


Meet Dr. Milton Trager in an excerpt from the 1986 "Introduction to the Trager Approach", describing how to keep the Trager feeling in your body. 1:47 minutes.

Comforting the Dying 1:36 minutes - Copyright 2008, Soul of Athens



Trager is getting talked about! Pod Cast Interview with Roger Tolle 20 minutes

To hear the podcast:
Download interview (mp3) by right-mouse-clicking this link.

  • Who is Dr. Milton Trager and how did he develop his work?
  • What is the Trager Aprproach?
  • How does the Tablework compliment the self care movements?
  • Why would someone want to use the Trager Approach?


We encourage you to listen to this interview with Roger Tolle and Author Alan Smith. To visit Alan Smith's website and book  Unbreak your Health click here







Other Documents

United States Trager Association Position Statement on Government Regulation

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