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Senior Practitioner Certification

The Senior Practitioner status is designed for practitioners who feel they would benefit from a more structured deepening within the work.  This is an optional advanced status and is not mandatory. Certified Practitioners have the option of maintaining their status at Practitioner level indefinitely by staying current with the Continuing Education Requirements.  

The Practitioner must first meet the specific course requirements for the first two years of Continuing Education Requirements. (Take a LEVEL IV and the subsequent Tutorial required for Practitioner Continuing Education {26 Hours}). 

Then, accumulate 250 additional hours, self documented, that include a minimum of:

1.       Either LEVEL IV or Basic Reflex Response, whichever was not taken previously (24 hours).

2.      3 LEVEL V Trainings of 3 days each. (72 hours) LEVEL V Trainings are taught by Certified Trager Instructors about some specific core aspect of The Trager Approach.

3.      2 Trager Elective Classes, of 3 days each, taken after Practitioner Certification (48 hours).

4.      100 hours of supervised classes in The Trager Approach or related movement/somatic disciplines, private practice, or public presentation/group leadership, etc. These related hours may have been acquired before, during, or after the Trager Practitioner Certification Program. These related hours are to be obtained from Trager International or other recognized providers, such as official bodywork organizations (AMTA® or NCBTMB® in USA), The Upledger Institute®, Aston-Patterning®, Bodymind Centering®, Feldenkrais® , Continuum®, and Authentic Movement®. In addition, any authorised Trager trainings or electives NOT specifically required above.

5.      6 hours of Supervised Practice Days or Mentastics Classes. 

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