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USTA Marketing Contest 2014

$1,000 in Prizes!

from May 1, 2013 to May 1, 2014


  The USTA Marketing Committee Contest




The 2012 winners are....


First Place:   "Awareness, Feeling, Relaxation" by Roger Hughes 

Second Place:  "What is the Trager Approach?" by Tracey Eno


Personal Websites

 First Place: Roger Tolle 

Tie for Second place:

Tracey Eno
   Lorraine Lewis 

Most Profitable Marketing Endeavor

It was a tie for First place:

Carolyn Gentile-Ford (.doc)

Cindy Popp-Hager (.doc) 

Great job to everyone who submitted an entry!

No entries were submitted for the Downloadable Brochure or Articles 


Honorable Mention and Gratitude for all who entered- please use these to inspire your own Marketing ideas

Personal Websites
Georgia Banks -

Robbin Phelps -

Isabella Delia -

Madelana Ferrara -

Ginger Mickelson - 


Most Profitable Marketing Endeavor

Marketing Endeavor - Betty Post

Marketing Endeavor - Debbie Castrinos

Marketing Endeavor - Lisa Bregman

Marketing Endeavor - Roger Tolle

Marketing Endeavor - Tracey Eno

Marketing Endeavor - Carrie Heitsch

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