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Level I Core Trager® Training

Course Description 

In Level I, students will begin to develop the foundational knowledge, skills and behaviors of the Trager approach. They will experience, learn and practice basic movements for each part of the body to create a foundational sequence for a tablework session. The principles of applying body movements from a relaxed, aligned, stress-free position will be emphasized. Mentastics® movement and other awareness tools will be used to provide an experience of hook-up and support student self-awareness as well as to bring ease to specific areas of the body. Feedback and communication skills will be practiced and explored during interviews, tablework and Mentastics exchanges. Contraindications, ethics, history, principles, key elements and scope of practice of the Trager approach will also be introduced.

48 Credit Hours



18 years of age or older

Experience 2 sessions from a certified Trager practitioner OR…

            1 session plus Introductory Workshop or 6 hours of Mentastics®



Total class fee: $900 plus Student Membership fee- $140


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