The US Trager Association

Membership Requirements
Membership shall be open to any individual or any group or any legal entity which professes an interest in understanding or practicing the Trager® Approach and Mentastics® movement education. The Board of Directors shall have final authority on any issue regarding membership eligibility.
-Bylaws Article V Membership Section 1 Qualifications
There shall be five classes of membership: Professional Members, Retired Practitioners, Student Members, Associate Members and Institutional members, each paying such membership fee and satisfying such specific additional qualifications as shall be set by the Board of Directors. Each class may have subclasses of membership as the Board of Directors may determine.
-Bylaws Article V: Section 2 Classes of membership
Student Status in your National Association is a prerequisite for beginning the program, and for pursuing Trager work at every level.
-Handbook Section 1-1.1
Practitioner status comes upon completion of the training program and the Student submits his/her recommending Tutorials and the Student transcript to the office of the National Association. Please be sure to document your completed anatomy training. The student writes a personal essay about her/his training experience. When certification is conferred, the Practitioner may begin to charge for sessions.
-Handbook Section 1-3.1 Application for Practitioner Status

All general fees and prices of the program are set up by your National Association. Prices for sessions with certified Practitioners and tutorials depend upon many variables, and need to be confirmed with individual Practitioners and Tutors.
-Handbook Sections 1-3.1 Fees and Costs
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