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Leederville (Australia) health and fitness manager Terri Poole attributes the winning edge that earned her three official world cycling records to her Trager practitioner Subhadro Luhn.

Terri has tunnel vision and has been competition cycling for two years in tandem events for the disabled with local sighted cyclist Sandra Smith. Terri's three official world records were set in the qualifying rounds of the European Cycling Championships for the Disabled near Augsburg Germany in August.

"It was the Trager approach to harnessing physical and mental energy release that made all the difference," Terri said proudly displaying her world records and national medals.

"I had already gained all that solid consistent training could give me. As I was breaking those records I was remembering sessions with Subhadro and I could hear her voice saying 'effortless', and letting my energy flow."

"What's more, I wasn't sore after the race and I could have got back on my bike and done it again."

Trager also tends to minimize sports injury as it keeps all parts of the body and the mind in balance. Injuries generally heal faster and with less pain with Trager body work.

"The traditional approach of harder and harder training -- training the will-power -- is essential but inherently tense and therefore restrictive as well as potentially raising the risk of injury."

As a manager in a professional corporate health and fitness consultancy, Terri is fully aware that human potential is more likely to be forthcoming when it is "led out" rather than "driven out."

Subhadro, the first certified Trager practitioner in Western Australia, says the technique's gentle, hands-on approach re-educates muscle memory for release, energy flow and maximum performance. It is used in mainstream sport in the US where it originated.

In a Trager session the practitioner gently and rhythmically moves the person's body in such a way that the person actually experiences the possibility of being able to move that freely effortlessly and gracefully on their own.

The techniques originate from Milton Trager about 60 years ago. Trager was then an aspiring US boxer who one day swapped roles and gave his first mas- sage to his trainer with a stunning healing effect.

Trager was encouraged to develop his intuitive technique and became a doctor of medicine to expand his discovery. Where traditional massage or manipulation is just an external treatment method, Trager is also a movement re-education. It involves the individual in the healing, learning, and releasing process.

Dec. 5, 1995
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