The US Trager Association

Continuing Education Requirements


The certified Trager Practitioner is required to take a Level 4 training within the first two years of certification.  Starting  with the third year of Practitionership, 24-hours of continuing education is required every three years; one recommending  renewal tutorial is required every other year, along with receiving at least four Trager sessions from certified Practitioners each year. Practitioner Continuing Education trainings are geographically rotated for the convenience of members.  
            The 24-hours of continuing education can be taken throughout the 3 years. (i.e. 12 hours one year, 12 hours another) so long as it equals 24 hours within 3 years. For Practitioners who have been certified over 2 years, this continuing education does not have to be a Trager class. We allow our Practitioners to take classes that are closely related to their practice when Trager classes aren't available. 
           When you take a class that is not through the Trager Organization we require a copy of your completion certificate from this class to be turned in at time of Renewing your status.

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