The US Trager Association

Level III Core Trager® Training

Course Description

Through Level III, students continue to refine their skills and knowledge as well as deepen and broaden their understanding of the Trager approach. Synthesis between assessment and adapting sessions to meet client needs and abilities will be a focus as students enhance their ability to feel the quality of tissue, recognize the level of resistance and adapt to limitations. More advanced movements will also be introduced as students demonstrate innovation from the standard tablework repertoire. Further development and refinement of movements for use in personal and shared Mentastics® as well as a review of ethics & professional conduct will be included. Self-evaluation and the ability to adapt the session to meet the needs of the receiver will continue to be emphasized as students prepare to demonstrate the attitudes, skills, procedures and knowledge they must have in order to competently enter professional practice as a certified Trager practitioner.

40 Credit Hours



Successful completion of Level II Core Trager Training

Submission of all required documentation and recommendations for Level III Core training

Current USTA student membership

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