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Monday, 14 June 2010 15:19

Level II Core Trager® Training

Course Description

In Level II, students will build upon the foundational skills experienced and practiced throughout their Level 1 Core Training. Instruction will encourage students to enhance and refine their tablework skills through the development of self-awareness, evaluation and adapting applications to meet the needs of the receiver. The principles of relaxed, aligned, stress-free position and body movement during tablework will continue to be emphasized as new movements for each body area are added in order to expand the student practitioner’s tablework repertoire. Practice to develop student’s skills in teaching Mentastics to others as well as increasing student’s range and complexity in Mentastics will be addressed. Basic principles of Reflex Response will be introduced.  Feedback and communication skills will continue to be developed through practice during interviews, tablework and Mentastics exchanges.

48 Credit Hours



Successful completion of Level I Core Training

Submission of all required documentation and recommendations for Level II Core training

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