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This is where you can see all the Trager® retail products we offer to the public. If you do not see a particular item you were looking for, it is because it might be offered to Members only. If you are a Member, please check out the Retail page under the Member’s section.

 To place an order, please print the Retail Order Form.  Fill it out completely and send it to the USTA Office with payment. We process orders Monday through Wednesday.


Check out our new Trager® clothing with the Dancing Cloud Logo

New Trager Clothing flyer (pdf) and New Trager Clothing order form (pdf)


Trager® A Question of Ease Also available at ACCESSED FROM THE HOME PAGE OF THIS WEBSITE!










DVDs and CDs are Available

DVD Trager Approach with Milton $8 - This is a promotional video that includes interviews with several people including Dr. Trager, clients, and staff. Approx. 20 minutes

DVD Mentastics with Milton $10 - In this video Dr. Trager discusses, teaches and demonstrates Mentastics with a group of Practitioners. Approx. 1 hr long

DVD Introduction to the Trager Approach with Clifford Shulman $8 - Demonstration with dramatic results, as shown with before and after footage. Approx. 12 minutes long 

DVD Moving into Agelessness by Roger Tolle $20 -Roger llustrates why and how movement is important to a feeling of ageless freedom, ease, and well-being. Themes include movement exploration for its own sake, integration in everyday activity, using pleasure sensations as a guide, and lightness in gravity.  Run time is 17 minutes.


Mairi CD (2)
Audrey Mairi's Pathway to Presence audio CD $20 - a meditation CD done by Trager Practitioner Audrey Mairi. Approx. 70 Minutes long





T-Shirts NEW PRICE of $9.50 each any size

Available are S, M ,L, XL 
Extended sizes (XXL & XXXL)
These are a unisex cut, and tend to run smaller.

natural shirt blue shirt yellow shirt                                                                                            

Body ReMINDer Cards $18 each (or order a total of 10 or more and get them at $15 each)

Developed by Roger Tolle. This deck of 52 Mentastics® Playing Cards can be used for your own development of Mentastics, for working with clients, or for gifts for clients or friends.

walkingdeck Walking Deck

sitdeck Sitting Deck

drivedeck Driving Deck



Essence Journal Notebook $5 

6 3/4 X 5 3/4 Hard cover, spiral bound with velcro closure. Trager logo, address, current website and phone number on the cover.




Post-It Cube $3.50 



Every page printed with the Dancing Cloud Logo, and the phrase "A Lighter Way of Being" (old website address)





MentasticsBookCover retail view website Movement as a Way to Agelessness

1st Edition re-printed (soft cover, 174 pgs., lots of pictures) Cathy Hammond, PhD./Milton Trager, M.D., this book explores Mentastics® Movement Education through use of pictures and prose.


More on the order form NOT listed here.

We always welcome suggestions for retail items. Please feel free to contact us if you have a suggestion or a question about retail. 



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